I had the chance few days ago to be part of a styling evening with Rothschild Bank London. I personally found it very interesting and inspiring to talk and share my passion and styling tips with a wonderful group of influential women with different styles.

Here are the tips to bear in mind if you have a senior or people facing office job:

1.Everyone resorts to black:

and it’s hard not to! black trousers, blazers and dresses are the staples of every working wardrobe. But navy, grey or berry shades are much more flattering, and certainly more interesting.

Please remember that black doesn’t suit everyone.

2.Wear the appropriate underwear:

Avoid a poorly fitting bra!! a flesh-tone bra underneath anything white, a strapless bra under anything with spaghetti   straps; a camisole or vest underneath anything sheer. Your underpinnings make a fundamental difference to how polished you look.

3.A white shirt is a must:

There’s a reason this is a classic piece – everyone looks good in a white shirt, without exception. You can  find a large choice on the high street for summer or winter. Cos, Zara (a high-street shops) are great at this.

4. Monochrome is timeless:

Black and white looks are great at work. Appropriate doesn’t need to be boring. Although, a white shirt plus a black or navy or grey skirt or trouser is the easiest office outfit imaginable.

5. A neat little V or rounded  neck jumper  over a shirt, or a thin cardigan belted over a dress make your outfit look very smart.

6. Meetings outside the office: The first thing anyone will see is your coat – so make it memorable. Invest in smart wool or cashmere option and layer a thin Uniqlo HeatTech vest or jacket underneath it if necessary. (especially in London).

7. One fashion gesture is enough in the office and this season’s has to be the skirt or the wide trouser if it suits your figure. A simple v-neck jumper or white shirt with an embellished skirt is a fail-safe style equation.

8. Invest in a beautiful and well fitted blazer, it is a must . You have to know how to give it that feminine touch by         adding a belt or a scarf.

9. If you are Bored of the classic and the dark colours, you still can refresh your outfits by adding a bit of Red or Orange. ( powerful colours).

10. look at your feet!

Because we all know how a simple pair of shoes can transform our whole look.

Always choose the quality first.

better to have one pair of really beautiful shoes than a room full of duds.

the same rule applies on handbags. Choose a classic timeless style easy to carry with all your outfits.

11. You must own at least two classic dresses that are both flattering and comfortable .

12.  Remember everyone looks better with a little makeup.

13. There are some seriously smart and creative ways to wear minimalist jewellery without keeping things too      simple.


PS: For lifetime beauty :

Be well groomed

Smell nice

Look after your teath.


Be indulgent.

Forget your age.

Be easy going.

Be passionate about life.

Do only what suits you.

Accept that there will be bad days and make the most of the good days.

Breath and be happy.







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Fashion is my passion, style my everyday job. I fuse my predominantly French style with trends from around the world to create personalised shopping and styling experiences for image conscious clients, enhancing their individual look.

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