As a stylist I swear by accessories, I really do believe that accessories can change a whole outfit.

Wherever I go on holiday I always comeback with few original ones, and most of them picked in village markets, hand made, ethnic, simple but unique.

In London or Paris I always spot and pick the most original. The ones that I think will make a particular outfit complete.

I really enjoy personalizing my clothes by adding this and that. And creating my own style.

Don’t hesitate to try hats, scarves, necklaces, and bags. Always make sure you take your scale into consideration never go too big or too small. And find what suit you best.

Here from pinterest is a selection I like .


the gorgeous Olivia Palermo as always looking stunning .



More about Lilya Chair

Fashion is my passion, style my everyday job. I fuse my predominantly French style with trends from around the world to create personalised shopping and styling experiences for image conscious clients, enhancing their individual look.

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